Successful Parenting in Transracial and Transcultural Adoptions

This 1.5 hour course is designed to help adoptive families successfully parent an adopted child who is of a different race or culture.  Join us as we discuss topics such as identy formation and racism from a Christian worldview.

Extra Support Options

America World Adoption Association


If you are a married couple taking this course, you may create one account and pay for the course only once.  You will be asked to enter both parents' names in the registration procss.  We encourage you to take the course together and discuss it as you go; however, if you need to take it at different times, that is okay too.  Just remember where you are if you stop for a while, and your spouse gets ahead of you, so you can come back later and pick it up again where you left off.  Once you have completed the course, take the Quiz that applies to you (Father or Mother), and then the Survey.    Once both of you have completed both Quizzes and Surveys, you can print out (or email) your Certificates of Completion.  There is one Certificate for each of you. 

If you are a single parent, or taking this course for individual or professional reasons, you will just ignore the "Adoptive Father" Quiz, Survey, and Certificate.

Please email if you have any quesitons.